Drew Goddard and Ryan Reynolds Hopeful 'X-Force' Will Move Forward

The Walt Disney Company's pending acquisition of 21st Century Fox has put a serious wrinkle on the future plans of the big screen X-Men universe, especially in regards to Deadpool and the X-Force.

While fans have been steadily losing interest in the main X-Men movies, the R-rated Deadpool franchise is only gaining steam. The X-Force movie has been slated to be the next movie for Wade Wilson and the gang, but the potential merger of the characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe has raised plenty of questions.

Will the X-Force movie still happen? If things are left up to director Drew Goddard and star Ryan Reynolds, X-Force will be the next movie up to bat.

While talking to Den of Geek about his new movie, Bad Times at the El Royale, the subject of X-Force was brought up.

"I tend to focus very intensely on one project at a time," Goddard said. "I sort of am just finishing up Bad Times here. I think once we do that, once we've birthed this movie out into the world, then it'll be time to [figure out] what's next, and meet with Ryan, and Fox and Disney, and figure out what makes sense."

Goddard was then asked whether or not he and Reynolds wanted X-Force to be Deadpool's next big screen project.

"I think so. Ryan and I have a very good communication, and we're both incredibly excited about the opportunities," he explained. "I think when you're dealing with billion-dollar mergers, it's hard to know what's going to happen to be honest." He then adds with a laugh, "Like when Disney and Fox are combining, those issues are so far above our paygrade! I've learned to just be patient and wait and see what happens, and go from there."


Obviously, none of the filmmakers involved with either the X-Men or MCU franchises have any say in what's to come with the characters at this point. The deal is in the hands of those much higher up on the food chain, so actual creative decisions can't be made just yet. However, recent reports suggest that Fox is moving forward with X-Men films until they're told otherwise.

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