X-Force Reveals Death of Fan Favorite X-Man

X-Force rescued so many mutants from captivity in this week's issue, but unfortunately, it wasn't [...]

X-Force rescued so many mutants from captivity in this week's issue, but unfortunately, it wasn't done without consequences, including the death of a fan favorite X-Man.

Spoilers incoming for X-Force #4, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned.

X-Force finds itself in Transia, where they are attempting to free mutants from the Transian government. They successfully liberate them and take down the entire Transian military in the process, but then they discover a time portal, and that's when things go bad, and we mean really bad.

Last chance...

So as the group is recovering from their last battle and walking away from the portal, Shatterstar turns around right as his friend is impaled straight through his chest from behind. With a "splork" Warpath then falls to the group as Cable, Shatterstar, and Deathlok look upon their fallen friend, who always seemed that no matter how much punishment he took would always get up.

(Photo: Marvel)

The next page reveals it was none other than Stryfe who killed the popular X-Man, and Warpath might not be the last to fall before all this is over.

You can check out the spoiler image above.

We knew someone was going to die thanks to previous teases and the cover, but we didn't expect it to be Warpath. Marvel even has some fun in the issue by teasing it will be Shatterstar after a run-in with Ahab and his big speech about taking Ahab alive. That leads you to believe it could be him to die, but it turns out that theory wasn't correct.

This will undoubtedly have a big impact on the team, as will that final page, and we can't wait to see what's next.

X-Force #4 is written by Ed Brisson and drawn by Dylan Burnett with a cover by Pepe Larraz, and you can check out the full description below.

"Ahab has returned to exterminate X-Force! What twisted scheme is Ahab conducting that has attracted the attention of X-Force? The team has begun to put the pieces together, but will they figure it out in time to stop mass genocide?"

X-Force #4 is in stores now.


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