X-Men Reveals Cyclops' Reaction After the Death of SPOILER

X-Men has taken the momentum provided by Powers of X/House of X and run with it to begin this new [...]

X-Men has taken the momentum provided by Powers of X/House of X and run with it to begin this new arc. X-Men #2 finds the mutants grappling with a pretty sizable loss in the issue. That long speech that Charles Xavier broadcasted to the entire planet at the end of the previous massive event was bold. He dictated that the Mutant island of Krakoa would function as it's own sovereign nation free from the laws of mankind. But, as anyone would expect, there are people in the world that were none to keen to plainly submit to these mutant decrees. They might be on a mutant paradise with all sorts of functions basically taken care of, but that sort of power always courts challengers when brandished so openly. In this case, it would only be a matter of time before humans decided to oppose those demands and make a statement of their own. *Spoilers for X-Men #2 below*

In X-Force #1, a team of intruders infiltrated the Krakoan defenses and managed to assassinate Professor X. The entire scene is pretty shocking and after such a hopeful tone to the new beginning for the X-Men, it felt like a splash of cold water to bring everything back into focus. Well, readers would understandably ask about the mutant resurrection that is now a part of the universe. The Five, (Proteus, Goldballs, Elixir, Tempus, and Hope Summers), use their combined powers to bring back mutants who were killed. That plot will have to wait as Cyclops and his team are going out to investigate a strange island that has appeared outside of Krakoa.

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The Mutant homeland is slowly drifting towards this mysterious landmass, and Cyclops is ready to get t the bottom of it. Younger Cable, Prestige and their leader head toward the new planet and discover an active volcano. Now, Krakoa was actually part of a larger island called Okkara in the past. It was made up of Krakoa and Arakko. Fans are now left to wonder if the new island is actually the other half of the mutant home now.

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But for the resurrection bits, my friend Kofi Outlaw put it like this: "The process itself involves a collection of (mostly obscure) X-Men characters who have rebranded "The Five." By combining their powers, this group is able to grow new bodies for dead mutants in special eggs using a DNA archive of all mutants, complete with the ability to replicate a mutant's powers. Once a body is grown and full re-powered, Charles Xavier uses the combination of Cerebro and his own psychic archive of "downloaded" mutant minds to return the dead mutant's psyche (and arguably "soul") back to the empty shell of a body."