'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' Will Show New Powers for Storm

The next movie in the X-Men franchise will force the mutants into a literal trial by fire as one [...]

The next movie in the X-Men franchise will force the mutants into a literal trial by fire as one of their own becomes a villain in Dark Phoenix.

Luckily they'll still have one of the most powerful mutants on their side, as Storm will show off some brand new abilities in the upcoming film. Dark Phoenix star Alexandra Shipp confirmed Storm's powers while speaking at ACE Comic Con in Phoenix.

"Lots of new powers, lots and lots of new powers. It's pretty cool. Obviously not new to Storm, but new to us as an audience, visually. She really does mess some people up. It's pretty cool," Shipp said.

The latest series of X-Men films continue on the path to sync up with their older counterparts, as was established in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Shipp also elaborated on how she plans for Storm to become more and more like Halle Berry's take on the character in the original film from 2000.

"For me, when I first got Apocalypse, I wanted to make it so that you could kind of see a little bit of a continuity throughline between my version of Storm and Halle's version of Storm. And Dark Phoenix is set in the '90s, and so it's a little bit closer to the early 2000s Storm," Shipp said.

That means fans shouldn't expect to see the mohawk again, and Shipp is happy about that.

"I just loved the fact that I didn't have to shave my head again, even though I've been dying to shave my head again, you guys. I really liked taking showers and having the water hit my scalp, and how nice that felt... it's so liberating," Shipp said.

"And also, it's a total breakdown of your femininity and allows you to show that as a woman, you're not your hair. But I love that we're kind of building that out, especially in Dark Phoenix, and you get to see a more natural side of her."

Storm is likely to take a major role in the next X-Men movie, which could be the last film in the franchise before Marvel Studios takes control of the franchise.

Dark Phoenix premieres in theaters on June 7th.