X-Men Form a Deadly Alliance in Upcoming Marvel Murder Mystery

It looks like Marvel is planning for their current X-Men renaissance to dovetail into the greater 616 Universe, with the next event teasing a major murder mystery at the center of everything. While Marvel #1000 set up the Eternity Mask and Absolute Carnage is establishing its own brand of mayhem, the mutants have been sitting on the sidelines not-so-silently establishing their own seat of power. And now it looks like they'll finally make themselves known when the events of House of X and Powers of X finally come to a conclusion.

A brand new teaser for Marvel's Incoming, whatever it is, shows that Professor Xavier and Magneto's alliance will remain intact in the future, and that they'll be accepting a major character into their ranks — and that could spell doom for the rest of the Marvel Universe.


Writer Jonathan Hickman and artists R.B. Silva, Pepe Larraz, Marte Gracia, and Tom Mueller have all been working together to help bring the X-Men back to prominence with an epic storyline in House of X and Powers of X that shows Xavier pushing Homo Superior to a position of dominance. While Magneto has been by his side, Apocalypse served a very different purpose in the story.

In the comics, Moira MacTaggart is revealed to be a mutant that gets the opportunity to relive her life at the moment she's killed, with the ability to drastically change the timeline without creating a parallel universe. Instead, her actions have a direct impact on what actually occurs in her lifetime, and in one life she joins forces with Apocalypse in an effort to create a mutant utopia as well as upending the rise of artificial intelligence and the Sentinels. Unfortunately, it doesn't work and she instead takes the knowledge of when the Nimrod Sentinels, the bane of mutant existence, come online so she might have a chance to stop them in her next life.

Apocalypse has yet to make an impact in this latest, current timeline (as far as we're concerned) but covers for future X-Men comics make it clear that his involvement is inevitable. It might be teasing that the prosperity of the mutant race's prominence is dependent on the three divisive leaders finally coming together for a common goal.


How that happens — and how that will affect the Marvel Universe — remains to be seen, but we'll get another step closer when Powers of X #4 hits shops this Wednesday.

Marvel Comics will likely unveil more details about the Incoming event in the coming days.