'Men In Black International' Reveals First Look At New Aliens

We've had plenty of looks at the main cast of Men In Black International, but now we've got our first looks at some of the other alien characters that will be featured in the film.

As with every entry in the Men In Black franchise, half the fun of exploring the universe is seeing all of the different and creative alien races and species that fill out the world, and Men In Black International will be no different. Thanks to EW we now have our first look at several new characters, starting with the dapper purple alien you see below.

This guy is wearing the black suit and white shirt uniform of the Men In Black, so we're pretty sure he's an agent. As you can see, his head is a purplish color but he's got what appears to be blue-hued mushroom-like growths also sprouting from his head. Next to him is another alien agent that has a brown fin-like design that covers her head, with a tan and pink color throughout and no nose.

(Photo: EW)

Up next is another agent is this person below, who has a bright red nose towards the bottom of their face and bulging eyes and protruding ears. Their mouth appears to be towards the top of their head, with an almost diamond pattern in between.

(Photo: EW)

Last but not least is the alien below, who appears to work for the bureau as well. This alien is all green with large rounded eyes and a pointed nose. This is a very lizard-like design here, with one protruding fin sticking out of their head.

You can check out the aliens in the photos above and below.

(Photo: EW)

International will also introduce some bigger alien characters into the mix, like Pawny, who will be voiced by Kumail Nanjiani. We'll also meet Riza, a three-armed alien played by Rebecca Ferguson, as well as old favorites like the Worms.

For Tessa Thompson, it's all about bringing together favorite elements from the franchise and blending them with new concepts.

"Hopefully we're doing the franchise proud," Thompson told Entertainment.ie. "It's a lot more action than I think you've seen in the other Men in Black films. It is global in scope, it's set here in the UK which is super fun, there's a lot of fun, English humour. As agents, they also travel elsewhere in the world. I think it's bigger in scope with amazing folks like Liam Neeson (Ireland!) and Emma and Kumail Nanjiani and Rebecca Ferguson. We have a really rad fight scene."


Men In Black International stars Tessa Thompson (Agent M), Chris Hemsworth (Agent H), Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson (Agent O), Davina Sitaram (Clubber), Kumail Nanjiani (Pawny), and Rebecca Ferguson.

Men In Black International arrives in theaters on June 14th.