Spider-Man: Far From Home Concept Art Reveals New Look at Molten Man

10/17/2020 07:27 pm EDT

A new piece of Spider-Man: Far From Home concept art gives fans a fresh look at Molten Man. The elementals were a hyped part of the latest Peter Parker adventure. Although, fans were tipped off about their dubious nature early in the film's promotional run. The designs of these giant monsters also served as a sly nod to some of Spider-Man's enemies in the comics. Molten Man is a choice that a lot of fans would like to see be a main villain at some point. However, the crowded nature of the hero's rogues gallery means that it won't be a realistic ask. But, as Spider-Man 3 nears, it seems clear that the series is really heading toward something fans have never seen before with the sequel. For now, concept art will have to tide everyone over.

Far From Home director Jon Watts talked about the Elemental's role in the film alongside Mysterio after the movie dropped.

"Well, because Mysterio is playing hero in this story, we needed real antagonists that could put Peter in danger," Watts explained. "And for me, I wanted to really raise the action stakes from the last movie. With the Vulture it's a one-on-one fight. A mechanized villain. But with Spider-Man, you have the ability to do so much more. We've seen him fight much larger villains and have spectacular set pieces-- and I felt like the way to do that would be to bring in -- I mean, you say B-level heroes, but I've always loved Hydro-Man and Molten Man and his ability to have a giant, elemental kind of creature for Spider-Man to fight against. Anything that makes things more difficult for him and opens up visual opportunities for me, I'll run at bat."

He continued, "But in terms of how we ended up with Mysterio in the first place, I wanted to put a character on screen that we hadn't seen before. But of the big, iconic villains, Mysterio was the one who jumped to the top. Because of who he is, what he may-or-may-not be able to do, it's really opened up a lot of possibilities for the kind of story we can tell with him. So, it was pretty clear Mysterio would make a good addition for the universe."

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