Halloween Kills Director Teases "The Most Violent Scene" of His Career in Upcoming Sequel

Fresh details on the highly anticipated Halloween Kills were revealed this weekend by its director. Filmmaker David Gordon Green stepped behind the camera once again for the sequel, a follow-up to Halloween, his aptly titled 2018 sequel to Halloween. While taking part in the #HalloweenAtHome viewing party event on Twitter this Saturday, Green offered a tease for the new movie during one of the most brutal moments of the previous film when Michael Myers attacks two people in a gas station bathroom, tweeting: "This is the most violent scene I had directed since Pineapple Express, but then Halloween Kills..." Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills star Andi Matichak chimed in about it, adding: "Violence takes on a whole new meaning in Halloween Kills."

This isn't the only bit of information about the sequel that Green revealed, confirming that the sequel will also return to the infamous Myers house itself. The site where a six-year-old Michael Myers killed his 17-year-old sister Judith in the original film was not re-visited in the 2018 feature film; but the new movie will be taping into a few other pieces of the Halloween puzzle that its predecessor did not, including characters.

In addition to Jamie Lee Curtis returning for the film, Halloween Kills will see the return of Halloween veterans Kyle Richards, Nancy Stephens, and Charles Cyphers, reprising as their characters from the 1978 movie. New faces will include Anthony Michael Hall (although he will be playing an existing character, having taken on the part of Tommy Doyle from Brian Andrews), Robert Longstreet, and Victoria Paige Watkins. Actors James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle will also return to play Michael Myers in the film.

"I really can't say anything about it, but I am really excited about it," Halloween Kills co-writer Scott Teems said in a recent interview. "I saw a rough cut of it a few weeks ago, and I'm a little biased, but my gut says that people that like the last one will be very excited about this one. It's like the first one on steroids, I guess. It really is the bigger, badder, meaner version of the first one."

Halloween Kills remains on the release schedule for an October 16 debut from Universal Pictures, but if the coronavirus pandemic has not reached a safe level for theaters to open up en masse then a delay is perhaps likely. A third film from Green, Halloween Ends, was previously scheduled to land in theaters on October 15, 2021 but it's unclear if it will make that release date in the end.