The Addams Family Sequel Confirms Halloween 2021 Release Date With New Poster

They're creepy, kooky, altogether spooky, and coming back to theaters next Halloween! The Addams Family 2 is officially a-go, following the franchise launching first film that debuted in 2019. This animated take on the classic comic strip characters was a solid performer at the box office and earned itself a sequel, which will bow in theaters next October. The announcement of the sequel was made by the official Addams Family Twitter account on Wednesday morning.

The tweet from the Addams Family account revealed a poster for the new film, which has Wednesday Addams displaying her usually somber look, along with the news that a sequel was coming next Halloween. The poster features the tagline, "A sequel. How original."

Based on the tweet itself, it seems as though a trailer or teaser for the movie may be coming on Thursday, despite the fact that the film isn't arriving for another year. "Tomorrow you get to meet the Addams' again," reads the message. "How dreadful."

News of a sequel to The Addams Family was first reported late last year, following the debut of the first film. Directors Greg Tiernan and Conran Vernon spoke exclusively to at the time, and explained their approach to the second installment.

"With any sequel like that you've got to move the characters forward and try and explore some new territory with them," Tiernan tells us. "So you know there's no point in just regurgitating the same stuff no matter how funny it might be. So obviously we can't say too much about it, but that's something that we will be doing. We laid the groundwork with this movie, especially for people who weren't familiar with the Addams Family. Because of course, has been over 20 years since the last major movie with the Addams', so there are a lot of younger [viewers], and especially younger generation who didn't know who these characters were at all. So we had to establish that in the first movie, and sort of reintroduce the characters as well as make sure that long time Addams fans recognize that they love the characters.


"So we did that, we feel successfully, in the current movie. And so the next step is to know well, how can we go bigger or better with these characters? So that's basically what we'll do soon, is develop and trace."

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