Ant-Man Director Wright on Casting Rumors: "Some of Them Are Completely Way Off"

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In a new interview with Collider, Ant-Man director Edgar Wright talked about the casting rumors that have been dogging the production for months, saying that while some of them aren't too far off, he's not sure where they come from--and some of them really are quite wrong. "I don't know where they come from," Wright said of the casting rumors that have surfaced so far. "I think sometimes, occasionally…I don't know where they come from. I think sometimes it's actually someone themselves starting the rumors because then…yeah. The rumor becomes kind of fact…I don't know. Some of them are way off. But the truth is we don't start filming until the end of May, so people on Twitter need to stop asking me, 'When are you going to announce casting?' Like they're angry! It's like, 'The film comes out in 2015. Chill out.'" He reiterated, "Some of them are completely way off." At this point, it's widely held that Paul Rudd is the favorite to play the film's lead, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt also having been named as a candidate and Rashida Jones as Janet Van Dyne, the female lead. JGL later spoke out, all but denying the rumors. Neither Rudd nor Jones have spoken out on the rumors.