Army Of Thieves Stars Wanted to Vomit From The Set's Visual Effects Techniques

Making Army of Thieves had some cast members about nauseated on set and it wasn't because of any violence or zombie guts that the Army of the Dead movie it serves as a prequel to featured. Army of Thieves implemented the latest form of virtual background technology, known first to be used by The Mandalorian and referered to as, "the Volume." This new filmmaking technique surrounds the set in screens which can move and showcase an entire area surrounding the cast, replacing the green screen style which has become commonplace. On the set of Army of Thieves, a couple of cast members had quite an experience with this technology, fighting off some motion sickness while trying to deliver their characters.

Nathalie Emmanuel is no stranger to driving in movies, though she does not drive in real life. The Game of Thrones actress has been a part of the recent Fast & Furious movies and got behind-the-wheel for a bit in F9. In Netflix's Army of Thieves, Emmanuel hops into the driver's seat again. "She's definitely more of a capable, experienced driver, for sure," Emmanuel said of her Gwendoline character, comparing her to Ramsey from the Fast world. "The kind of level, the stakes, are much higher because of the size of the vehicle and what is happening in the back of it. So obviously they're very different, but actually shooting them, weirdly, is quite similar. The process, is quite similar, but it was a lot of fun."

Then, Emmanuel seemed to remember some of the real differences (as seen in the video above). "Do you know what's really hard though? Actually, they are different, because on the Fast 9 one, we mostly shot against green screen," Emmanuuel recalled. "But on this, we had those amazing LED screens that wrap around, and I have terrible motion sickness, and it was really hard to not feel completely nauseous every time. Mattias was like, 'Natalie, I'm so sorry I'm doing this to you.' I'm like at the drive going, 'Right, let's do another one,' because looking at the screen was just making me so dizzy."

Emmanuel wasn't the only cast member who struggled a bit with this technology (though, it didn't affect her performance which is complimented in 4.5 out of 5 star review for Army of Thieves). Guz Khan checks into the film as Rolph, the getaway driver, which put him in the driver's seat of cars often surrounded by this Volume technology. 

"I'll tell you in plain English, traumatic, my friend," Khan told "This stuff was making me feel like I was going to vomit and have some kind of brain aneurysm at the same time. Because essentially it's constant motion sickness and obviously being in the front seat, literally... You know what it is? You go to the movies and you sit on the front row when the movie is entirely packed, so you're looking at it at this angle. Now imagine that you could then see the pixels in the screen and you are the getaway driver supposed to be looking smooth, suave, professional. Man, I was going to vomit at least 27 times. I had to do most of the takes with my eyes shut actually."

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