Original 'Back to the Future Part II' Nikes Are Sadly Falling Apart

In 1989, director Robert Zemeckis had to conjure up what the fashion of 2015 would look like for Back to the Future Part II. One of the more notable pieces of fashion were the futuristic Nike Mag shoes, which could lace on their own. An auction on eBay recently closed for one of the original shoes from the film, though, sadly, the auction confirmed the shoe was in horrible condition.

back to the future ii nike mag prop
(Photo: eBay)

The auction, which ultimately closed at $92,100, noted that the shoes were in such fragile condition that they couldn't safely be shipped.

The listing detailed:

  • Nike Mags were the first shoes that Nike made specifically for a movie
  • Nike Mags were designed by Tinker Hatfield (they represent his idea of what sneakers would be like in the future)
  • This auction is for the left shoe only (not a pair)
  • This shoe is extremely fragile (it is deteriorating and should not be handled)
  • The plastic outsole separates from the shoe if you pick it up and the midsole is cracking and crumbling
  • Some of the crumbles have been preserved in two small plastic containers
  • In 2011 Nike sold 1510 Mags via auctions (1500 on eBay and 10 at Flagship Nike Stores)
  • In 2016 Nike raffled 89 Mags with Power Laces
  • Very few Original Mags were made in 1989
  • This shoe is from the collection of a longtime Nike employee

Given the price at which the auction closed, the shoe will likely be going to a home where it will be taken care of, though it's disheartening to know that a piece of movie history has virtually been destroyed by the hazards of time.

The memorable shoes stuck with fans of the film so strongly that, in 2011, Nike released shoes that recreated the iconic footwear. In 2016, the company even offered a pair of the shoes that incorporated the automatic lacing technology.

The shoe occupied a unique place in the world of collecting, as it was an object of desire for not only die-hard fans of the movie series, but also coveted by devout sneaker collectors. Both groups of collectors are known to dish out massive amounts of money to procure sought-after objects, leading to the expensive price tag for the unique item.


Fans might be surprised to discover how poorly the shoes held up, though, considering they were only designed for a movie, they likely weren't created with the same care as an actual sneaker designed for use.

Would you have been willing to offer a higher bid on the shoe? Let us know in the comments below!

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