Batman Legend Bruce Timm Reportedly Returning With New DC Animation Movie

Batman legend Bruce Timm is reportedly returning with a brand new DC Animation movie. The title [...]

Batman legend Bruce Timm is reportedly returning with a brand new DC Animation movie. The title will be derived from an Elseworlds Batman story. Batman: Soul of the Dragon is the title of the direct-to-video feature according to GWW. Adding to the fun is the fact that the story could be inspired by Richard Dragon: Kung-Fu Fighter by Dennis O'Neil. There hasn't been any casting information made available to the public yet, but the release date will reportedly be in the Spring of 2021. Batman's upcoming adventure will center around that Martial Arts background that the hero shares with a number of characters in the DC Universe. Becoming The Bat means finding discipline and strength through those teachings.

GWW reports that Bronze Tiger, Lady Shiva, and Ricard Dragon will all be along for the tale with Batman. All of the characters share the same master, and he's been missing for some time. Upon discovering a cursed relic has something to do with the disappearance and death of their master, the companions have to battle to retrieve the item before it falls into the wrong hands. For those unaware, Richard Dragon is a bit of a combat-focused thief that airs on the side of good most times. Bronze Tiger also inhabits a grey area who fights crime in Gotham but without abiding by Batman's code. Lady Shiva is, of course, a deadly foe, but also an assassin by trade that has ended up on the same side as Batman from time to time.

This has been a big year for news surrounding beloved DC Animation as one of his most popular works, Batman: The Animated Series, also got a brand new comic book with the release of Batman: The Adventures Continue.

Paul Dini said of the new book when it released, "Fans familiar with the Batman of The New Batman/Superman Adventures will be right up to speed. Alan and I approached the writing with the idea that we were doing the season you might have seen if we had not put the series aside to do Batman Beyond."

"We're going back to cover certain gaps in the original series, events that didn't have a bearing on the series at the time, but now do," Alan Burnett expanded. "In other words, there will be secret histories that will turn Batman's world upside down. Things that no one knew were out there, until now."

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