Vin Diesel's Bloodshot First Look Debuts in Toy Form

While fans have yet to get an official look at how Vin Diesel will look as Bloodshot in the upcoming film, the closest thing that we can settle for is the below look at an action figure of the character, taken at New York Comic Con. Bloodshot is set to hit theaters in February, with its marketing campaign likely beginning in the coming weeks, forcing us to settle for any looks at the film we can get in the meantime. Additionally, with the figure coming from McFarlane Toys, it's safe to assume this is an accurate likeness of Vin Diesel from the new film.

With this figure piquing our curiosity about the endeavor, the film's director, Dave Wilson, previously confirmed that a trailer should be arriving this month.

(Photo: Russ Burlingame)

“We’ve been in post for a while now,” Wilson shared with “We got back from shooting this November, December. We’ve had our first previews and everything’s going great. All the visual effects gears are turning. We’ll probably have a few days of reshoots just to pick up a few things we didn’t get down in Cape Town, which is where we shot, and hopefully, the first trailer is coming out October if not sooner, getting ready for our February release date.”

As if the reveal of a trailer wasn't exciting enough, Wilson also detailed the promising reactions the film has already been earning.

“I’m a big visual filmmaker, so the action is all singing a lot,” Wilson pointed out. “And there’s two distinctive, big sequences in the film — well there more than that, but there’s two standouts for me — but one is so heavy with visual effects that when we preview, and it was very, very early and not a lot was there. And then there’s one that’s very practical and that one is just playing like gangbusters. Even though I come from the visual effects world, there’s a sort of inherent fidelity and quality to practical effects and real set pieces that I wanted to lean into in this film. So there’s one and it's crafted entirely from a practical standpoint, which was inspired by a Russian dashboard cam video that I found online.”


Bloodshot hits theaters on February 21, 2020.

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