Chance The Rapper Takes Shots At 'Bright' & How It Handles Racism

If you found yourself disliking Netflix's original movie Bright, you're not alone. As it turns out, even Chance The Rapper is criticizing the recent urban fantasy film.

The fan-favorite rapper recently took to Twitter to express his feelings about the film - and particularly, about the movie's "shallow" attempt at a racial metaphor.

As those who have seen Bright (or even its trailers) know, the film centers on a parallel universe where mythical creatures coexist alongside humans. Chance took issue with how that world was presented within the film, and what the sort of "allegorical racism" ultimately ends up portraying.

Chance's comments have sparked a dialogue amongst his fan base, with some offering support for the movie's escapist qualities. But as Chance and plenty of Bright's viewers have pointed out, the real-world implications of the film are just too glaring.


In the week since its debut, Bright has been met with a pretty conflicting response, with negative reviews from critics being balanced out by positive comments from fans. Nevertheless, the film was reportedly watched by over 11 million people in its first weekend, and a sequel has already been greenlit.

If you'd like to check out the film - and see which side of the debate you agree with - Bright is currently streaming on Netflix. If you've already seen the movie, be sure to rate it for yourself, below.