'Bumblebee' Has a Secret 'Transformers' Cameo You Probably Missed

Bumblebee has provided audiences with an entirely new side of the Transformers universe, but it [...]

Bumblebee has provided audiences with an entirely new side of the Transformers universe, but it provided a pretty clever cameo along the way.

Spoilers for Bumblebee below!

The film follows Bumblebee (Dylan O'Brien) hiding in Earth in the 1980s, as several Decepticons try to hunt for him. Also in the mix is the military's Sector 7, a secret organization that gets manipulated by the Decepticons to hunt after Bumblebee.

In one scene in the film, Sector 7's Agent Burns (John Cena) is sitting in his office, when he is delivered a message from a seemingly random agent. But in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, fans can see that the agent's nametag reads Simmons, indicating that he's a younger version of Agent Seymour Simmons (John Tuturro).

In the original Transformers film, Tuturro's Simmons fills a similar sort of role as Agent Burns, going from an antagonist of the Transformers to a sort of ally. The character went on to appear in the rest of Bay's Transformers films, aside from Transformers: Age of Extinction.

The notion that Simmons was working for Sector 7 long before 2007 is certainly interesting, and adds a bit more of a connection between Bumblebee and the present-day Transformers films. While the new prequel takes a decidedly different tone from the previous installments, the film is not being lauded as a full-on retcon of what goes on in Bay's later films.

"Reboot, I always hate that word because, for one, I'm not sure I really understand what it means," franchise producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura said in a previous interview. "We are going to do another big Transformers movie. It is going to be different than the ones that we've done before."

"It's not like we look at the elements of what we did before and go, 'Well, let's not do this' or 'Let's not do that,'" Di Bonaventura explained. "It's more about how do you evolve the experience for the fans. Let the fan have a new experience. When we did the first movie, at first there was a lot of pushback that we weren't doing it the way it was done before," he added. "My feeling was always that if we'd done it, you would've gone, 'Well, I've already seen it.' So how do you evolve things forward is I think the hardest thing because you've got to retain why people love it, but at the same time if you give them the same experience, they're going to be bored with it."

"I think we've learned something in this movie about tone that I would think the next big Transformers movie is going to have," Di Bonaventura added. "It's not like we're going to copy it but we've learned something. There's more freedom than I think we originally thought in terms of what we can do."

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Bumblebee is in theaters now.