Captain America 4 Reportedly Filming in Surprising City

Captain America: New World Order is filming in a surprising location according to some recent reports. The Cosmic Circus's Ayla Ruby says that Anthony Mackie's next MCU project will be hitting Washington, DC. In a bizarre bit of news, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser actually had a presentation showcasing all the projects filming in that city. When you mention Marvel setting up shop there for the time, Captain America: New World Order slots right in. It's a nice moment of symmetry for Mackie who filmed some of Captain America: The Winter Soldier there back in his Marvel debut. This would also make sense with Harrison Ford playing General Thunderbolt Ross in the MCU now. In fact, Kevin Feige himself confirmed that with Entertainment Weekly last month.

"We start filming relatively soon. I'm sure anyone you've ever talked with about Harrison Ford says this, but it's unbelievable that we get to meet and talk with him and that he's embracing this role," Feige began. "He's tireless with the amount of work that he does. This is certainly a big part for Thaddeus Ross. He's the president of the United States in the film." 

"And with Harrison, you think about Air Force One, and you think about some of his confrontations with the president in Clear and Present Danger. There's a dynamic between President Ross and Sam Wilson," the executive continued. "They have a history together, but in this film, we'll be seeing the dynamic between Captain America and the president of the United States in a way that is just incredible."

What Does The Future For Captain America Look Like?

In a recent chat with Empire Magazine, the outlet asked Mackie about potentially leading this new group of Avengers. With Avengers: The Kang Dynasty hanging out there in the distance, it feels like so much of the roster is up inn the air. Luckily, Mackie is bringing some perspective. However, he feels like not having powers might be a deal-breaker.

"Sam is the only character without superpowers," Mackie explained. "He's just a regular dude hanging out with a bunch of weirdos. Being from New Orleans, I've been in a few fights. And heart and charisma never helped me in a fight. That usually just got me beat up. So that might cause an issue when you go fight somebody like Thanos."

Mackie added, "So, I think with him, he has to come to the stage with a very different understanding of what it is to be a good guy or be a bad guy and what are the decisions that make you toe that line in the way that you did," Mackie said. "So, I just see him as more of a humane Cap as opposed to a distinctive judge Cap -- [a] Cap of judgment, where this is right and this is wrong. There are decisions that make you choose right or wrong."

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