Chandler Riggs Confirms He Auditioned For Spider-Man


Last week, Chandler Riggs tweeted and got us a little suspicious as to whether or not he auditioned for the role of Marvel's Spider-Man.

At the time, we weren't sure if Riggs was just saying playing the role of Spider-Man would have been fun simply because he is a fan of Marvel comics like most boys his age or if he had actually auditioned for the role.

Riggs posted the very same post on Facebook but instead of leaving it alone as he did on Twitter, Riggs responded to a few fans. One fan asked, "I assume by you saying this, you found out that you did not get the role?" and Riggs responded, "I auditioned a few months ago."

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 9.08.08 AM

Of course, that response leaves room for speculation as to whether or not Riggs got the role because he limits his response to "I auditioned," but based on his initial post we definitely can say he didn't.

Riggs may have been a great Spider-Man. Of course, he would have had to bring a bit more spunk to Peter Parker than his Walking Dead Carl Grimes character but that's what actors do. It's possible he didn't get the part because of the conflicting schedules. Although, both The Walking Dead and Captain America: Civil War are both shooting in Atlanta, the "ing" in "shooting" indicates that the two overlap.


Would you liked to have seen Chandler Riggs as the wallcrawler in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Who's your pick?