Elizabeth Banks Speaks Out on Charlie's Angels Flopping

Reboots are everywhere you look nowadays. From film to TV, the practice of bringing back nostalgic hits with modern twists has overtaken media. In the last few years, reboots have taken a hit though, and Hollywood was sorely reminded of that this weekend with Charlie's Angels. Despite positive reviews, the film flopped at the box office, but director Elizabeth Banks does not mind.

In fact, the filmmaker says she is happy to see the movie head out into the world. Banks took to Twitter to support the movie after its opening weekend, and Banks to the box office flop in good stride.

"Well, if you're going to have a flop, make sure your name is on it at least 4x," Banks wrote to her followers. "I'm proud of Charlie's Angels and happy it's in the world."

For those keeping score of the reboot, Charlie's Angels did take a hit at the box office. The film has made $8.6 million domestically to date. When the international market is added in, the movie has a total gross of $27.9 million. Reports estimate the movie cost about $50 million total, so Charlie's Angels has quite a bit of money to make if it just wants to recoup its budget.

Given Hollywood's topsy turvy box office, some wondered if the reboot was a bad idea period. Perhaps the IP has been too dated? Or maybe Hollywood has simply oversaturated fans with reboots? No matter the case, Banks has gone on the record previously to defend the reboot when she told the Washington Street Journal, "You've had 37 Spider-Man movies and you're not complaining!"

"I think women are allowed to have one or two action franchises every 17 years -- I feel totally fine with that."

If you are still on the fence about seeing the movie, ComicBook.com's Matt Aguilar did share his review for Charlie's Angels ahead of its release. You can read an excerpt of his piece here: "Charlie's Angels seeks to bring a modern sensibility to the beloved franchise without losing the lightheartedness and fun of the previous two films, and while that's not an easy feat, it more than surpasses the challenge. Elizabeth Banks is at the helm of the newest iteration of the franchise, which kicked off back in 1976 with the now-iconic television series that spawned two films in the 2000s, and she's taken key elements from both to form something that feels made for a 2019 audience but with a loving wink and nod to the franchise's past. It's a delightful combination and makes for a fun thrill-ride of a film that knows what it is and what it wants to be."

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The new Charlie's Angels stars Kristen Stewart (Sabina), Naomi Scott (Elena), Ella Balinska (Jane), Noah Centineo (Langston), Elizabeth Banks (Bosley), Djimon Hounsou (Bosley), Patrick Stewart (Bosley), and Sam Claflin. You can check it out in theaters now.