Chris Hardwick Challenges Comedians To Create Better Batman Vs. Superman Title

@midnight #BetterBatmanSuperman

Yesterday, the official title of the Man of Steel sequel was revealed to be Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Comedian and television host Chris Hardwick felt like the title could be better, so he dedicated last night's #HastagWars game on @midnight to doing just that. Hardwick challenge comedians Matt Jones, Whitney Cummings and Moshe Kasher to come up with better Batman v. Superman titles. Some of the best include Tyler Perry Presents Batmadea v. Supermadea, Batman v. Superman v. Brown v. Board of Education, and Batman Returns, and then Begins, and then we all lose interest. You can check out the entire segment in the video embedded below. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice comes to theaters May 6, 2016.