Robbie Amell and Stephen Amell Returning for Code 8 Sequel on Netflix

Stephen Amell and Robbie Amell's Code 8 sequel is headed to Netflix. Announced in January, the [...]

Stephen Amell and Robbie Amell's Code 8 sequel is headed to Netflix. Announced in January, the Canadian sci-fi film titled Code 8: Part II hails from Collective Pictures. Jeff Chan will direct, writing the script in tandem with Chris Paré, with Sherren Lee and Jesse LaVercombe. The Amells, Chan, and Paré are producing. XYZ Films executive produces. Robbie and Stephen Amell will each reprise their roles as ex-convicts Connor Reed and Garret Kent. The original Code 8, which began life as a short film in 2016, was about a man with superpowers working with criminals to raise money for his sick mother. Here's the sequel's synopsis:

"After witnessing the murder of her brother and subsequent cover up, a teenage girl with abnormal abilities seeks the help of an ex-con (Robbie Amell) and his former partner-in-crime (Stephen Amell). Together, they face a unit of corrupt police officers who deploy advanced robotic technology to prevent themselves from being exposed."

Code 8: Part II will begin filming later this year. Netflix will distribute the film globally.

When the sequel was first announced, Stephen Amell said, "Code 8 is an incredibly personal and special project for all of us. We built the world in the first one and now we're ready to blow it out!"

Robbie Amell said, "There's nothing better than working with family and friends. Code 8 was the embodiment of that. I can't wait to get back to work on the sequel."

Code 8 was crowdfunded on Indiegogo in 2016. It became the second most successful crowdfunding campaign for a movie, raising $3.4 million. Robbie Amell spoke to about that success in 2019.

"And luckily, the short kind of caught fire," Amell said. "Front page Reddit, which was huge for us. And the Indiegogo campaign was just a smashing success, which was so incredible and has been so fantastic to get to share a movie that means so much to me with so many people. You know, we've had 28,000 backers or something. I can't remember the exact number. And we've had a global premier tour, sharing it with people across Canada and the U.S. And London and Australia."

XYZ Films purchased the film's distribution rights at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2017 and released the film into theaters in December 2019. The film debuted on Netflix in April 2020. It received mixed reviews.

A short-form spinoff series with both Amells and Paré was in development at Quibi before the service shut down. Whether there's any future for that project remains unclear.