Daredevil Reboot Sizzle Reel Released

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With FOX apparently on the verge of losing the Daredevil rights back to Marvel Studios/Disney, the reboot from director Joe Carnahan appears to be dead. Earlier today Joe Carnahan tweeted, "Think my idea for a certain retro, red-suited, Serpico-styled superhero went up in smoke today kids." Pretty much everyone figured out that he was talking about Daredevil, so later in the day, Carnahan confirmed, "Guys. To clarify. DD pitch was tremendous and everyone flipped for it. The clock ticked down at Fox, that's why it went tits up." But then things got really interesting, as Carnahan promised to post his sizzle reel for Daredevil if he could reach 6,000 Twitter followers. Of course, with a promise like that, Carnahan had no problem quickly reaching and passing his goal. And good to his word, Carnahan posted not one but two different versions of his Daredevil sizzle reel, one a NC-17 version and one a PG-13 version. Carnahan's version of Daredevil is quite a far departure from Ben Affleck's version. In fact, it's quite a far departure from pretty much anything done in a superhero movie before. It's always possible that Marvel Studios might decide to move forward with Carnahan's version once they get the rights back. However, the idea might be just a little bit to violent for Disney to dig it.