Dark Shadows Fans Not Laughing Over New Movie Trailer


It's been a tough week for those looking to launch new movies based on classic characters. Michael Bay has been under fire for revealing that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be aliens in their new movie. Now, Dark Shadows fans are upset that the new Dark Shadows movie appears to be going campy. A new Dark Shadows movie trailer hit recently, and it's a funny, twisted preview that even features a surprise cameo by Alice Cooper. There's only one big problem. The original Dark Shadows TV show was not meant to be funny, but was a serious gothic soap opera. Fans of the original show have decidedly mixed opinions of the new trailer. Some Dark Shadows fans are just happy to see the show get another incarnation, but other Dark Shadows fans are not at all happy about this departure from the tone of the original. Check out the new trailer and judge for yourself.