Deadpool Movie Officially Announced For 2016, Fantastic Four Rescheduled

Fox have decided to finally go ahead and make a Deadpool feature film, slotting it into the schedule for February 12th 2016. Plenty of people will credit the excited fan reception for the recently "leaked" Deadpool test footage for this, particularly after Ryan Reynolds' recent comments.

That release date would mean, I'd imagine, that the film will go into production in early 2015. We should, therefore, be hearing a lot more soon, and even seeing footage as soon as next year's San Diego Comic Con, I'd wager. Will they use the script by Zombieland's Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick? I can't imagine there's time to get an all new one. Will Blur's Tim Miller direct? Well, if it was his test that clinched the deal, I'd guess so...

Meanwhile, Assassin's Creed has been bumped off its date and left blowing in the breeze. Things don't seem to be going too well for that film, despite Michael Fassbender's passion for it, and I wonder if Ubisoft's newness in Hollywood might not have something to do with this. That now empty slot, on August 7th 2015, will now go to Fantastic Four, moving back from June 19th.


Don't read anything about the F4 movie into this decision - the simplest interpretation is that Fox see the August date as the best one on offer and while they've got two to chose from, now, they'll plump for the later one.