Bruce Willis Says 'Die Hard' Is NOT a Christmas Movie

How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The Polar Express. Jingle All the Way. Die Hard.

One of these things is not like the others, but for some reason people continue to insist that the Bruce Willis action classic is their favorite Christmas-themed film, despite the fact that its only holiday tie is the fact that it occurs during the Yuletide season.

But John McClain himself, Bruce Willis is here to set the record straight: Die Hard is not a Christmas movie.

Willis said as much during the Comedy Central's roast, in which Demi Moore, Edward Norton, and Joseph Gordon Levitt gathered with other actors and comedians to tear the Die Hard star a new one.

At the end of The Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis, the actor took to the dais to fire back at everyone who took the time to "honor" him and in the end might have made his most controversial shot when he corrected fans who insist Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

Straight from the man himself, the record has been set straight: "Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. It's a god damn Bruce Willis movie!"

This debate has raged for years, especially over the last decade as fans of the action classic insist on its validity as a holiday tale. And even though Willis has decided to speak out against its inclusion in the Christmas canon, it is unlikely to change the die hard Die Hard fans that is not.

So while we can expect the debate to rage on once again this December, at least the reasonable people — who understand being set at Christmas time does not a Holiday Movie make — will have one more gun taped to their back to help them in the fight against unreasonable expectations.

There are far more important things for people to be questioning at this time, especially whether or not Batman Returns is a Christmas movie. Considering it's all about greed, family, and the spirit of giving (as in, giving missile launchers to penguins), we are inclined to say it is. This is the new debate that needs to dominate the conversation. So let's get on it.


The Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis premieres on the network on July 29th.

[h/t Variety]