Disney's Live-Action Aladdin 38 Minutes Longer Than Animated Original

There has been a long-running complaint that the Disney live-action movies are simply retreads of [...]

There has been a long-running complaint that the Disney live-action movies are simply retreads of the original animated films. Both Beauty and the Beast and The Jungle Book were mostly guilty of this, and The Lion King looks to be doing the same thing. However, it looks as though Aladdin will be quite a bit different than its predecessor. About 38 minutes different, to be exact.

It was confirmed on Friday that Disney's Aladdin would run 128 minutes in length when it arrives in theaters next week. That's just a hair over two hours, not exactly "long" by movie standards, but a full half-hour longer than the original Aladdin. So the big question remains: What is in all of that added time?

The trailers for Aladdin haven't shown us much about the new aspects of the story yet, as they've chosen to play mostly on nostalgia to get fans hooked on the remake. We do know that there are two new characters, played by Nasim Pedrad and Billy Magnussen, and a new song to be sung by Naomi Scott's Jasmine. Outside of those couple of things, it's all up in the air, and they certainly won't factor in almost 40 additional minutes.

There will likely be a lot more time spent on the friendship between Genie and Aladdin, as well as the budding relationship between Aladdin and Jasmine. There's also a chance that the movie could focus some time on the development of Jafar as a villain, though that doesn't really seem like a necessary change.

Regardless of where that time comes from, there is going to be quite a bit that separates this Aladdin from the original, for better or for worse. We'll find out in just one week's time.

Disney's Aladdin hits theaters on May 17th.


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