New 'Frozen' Drinking Game Gives Adults a Whole New Reason to Watch

If your kids are trying to make you watch Frozen for the 17,376th time, and you just can't take hearing "Let it Go" one more time, your life is about to get a lot easier.

Thanks to the innovative folks over at EpicNight in the UK, there is now a drinking game to accompany the Disney film, and you can make your viewing experience exponentially better.

There are four different rules to this game and they're all pretty simple. There is a list of things in the film that require you to take one drink, two drinks, three drinks, or a shot when they happen.

Viewers need to take one drink when Kristoff speaks to Sven like he's a human, when Elsa uses her powers, or any time Anna acts awkwardly. That last one can be a little difficult to interpret, depending on your definition of "awkward."

Taking things up a notch, you'll need to take a drink any time Anna mentions Hans, when it starts to snow or blizzard, or when any character in the movie sings. Seeing as how this is a musical, it may start to get difficult by the end of the film.

You'll take three drinks whenever Olaf's body falls apart, you see Kristoff's troll family, or the Duke of Weselton corrects the pronunciation of his town.


Now, for the hardest part. Viewers will take a shot whenever Olaf melts or Elsa rejects Anna's help or love.

If you're thinking of driving after playing this game, don't. Just hand over your keys and let it go.