Disney+ Announces Doug 1st Movie is Available

Disney let it’s fans know that Doug’s 1st Movie is now available on Disney+. The beloved cartoon has enjoyed another moment in the sun thanks to the ongoing wave of 1990s nostalgia. There was a lot of concern about what would be available on day one of the services, but now Disney+ has more offerings than you could possibly know what to do with on the platform. Doug’s big movie debut will only help matters as the next generation of viewers discovers the show on their own. Services like NickSplat on VRV and other outlets feature the best of what that decade of Nickelodeon had to offer. However, one of the most famous Nicktoons now lives under that Disney umbrella. Jim Jinkins actually told Time about what his plans for another movie were a few years ago. Patti Mayonnaise and Doug might have been able to find some closure according to the creator.

“I haven’t written the whole screenplay, but some stories are written,” Jinkins explained. “Skeeter’s his roommate. Judy would be a performance artist off, off, off-Broadway, just kind of doing weird stuff. Porkchop would be there – we’re not going to talk about dogs and their real lifespans, but I’ll just let him be.”

But, for anyone wondering what would happen with the two lovebirds, it would have to occur under Disney’s roof because they own all the characters and the license now.

“Disney owns the right to make anything new, and they have no interest right now in anything to do with it,” Jenkins offered. “Right now they explained they’re not interested in moving Doug forward. In the past, they have expressed interest in a play. Now, that would be a great play. So, I don’t know! But I do think I have a great story for fans to get a feel for where Doug is headed, and I thought that would be an awesome thing to deliver.”

While Doug’s 1st Movie got thrashed by critics at the time, it does have the distinction of being the ending to the show. For a lot of kids who came up watching re-runs of Quailman’s adventures on Nick, this was as close to a resolution that they were going to get. Who knows, maybe some older fans never knew it existed and will get to see what Jinkins had in store for themselves this week.

Disney describes Doug’s 1st Movie:

“Doug Funnie finds himself caught between saving the endangered “monster” of polluted Lucky Duck Lake4 and his desire to take his longtime crush, Patti Mayonnaise, to the school dance.”


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