Disney+ Reportedly Launching in November

The Walt Disney Company has been talking a big game for the past couple of years when it comes to streaming. After the success of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and other services, the House of Mouse announced that it would be launching its own standalone service filled with its original properties. With the vast amount of IP that Disney owns, this made plenty of sense, and sets the company up to be an immediate competitor for the other streaming giants. To this point however, very few details about the service have been made public, other than its name: Disney+.

That is finally changing this week, as Disney is holding a meeting for investors on Thursday to finally roll out the specifics of Disney+, including when it will actually be made available to the public. Thankfully we don't have to wait too much longer. According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, Disney+ will launch in November, though the exact date has yet to be announced.

The report suggests that software developers at the company have been asked to "dial back other projects to make sure the service can handle millions of subscribers when it launches." So Disney is planning on this streaming service being an instant hit. If Disney+ is in fact cheaper than Netflix, this will likely be the case.

Unlike other streaming services that have launched over the years, Disney+ will contain nothing but its own content. The entire library will be made up of Disney animated films, ABC TV shows, Star Wars, Marvel Studios projects, Pixar movies, and much more. CEO Bob Iger even mentioned during a meeting earlier this year that entire Disney vault would be available to stream on the service, which would be a massive incentive for subscribers.

Disney is also producing plenty of original content for its streaming service. This includes live-action TV shows set in the Star Wars Universe, Marvel Studios limited series, a High School Musical show, a TV sequel to Monsters, Inc., and several feature films.

Are you excited for Disney+ to arrive? How much will you be willing to pay for the service? Let us know in the comments!



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