Does Bad Boys For Life Have a Post-Credits Scene?

Bad Boys For Life brings the long-awaited threequel chapter to the Bad Boys movie franchise, and only thirteen years since Bad Boys II. A lot has changed in the landscape of cinema since Will Smith, Martin Lawrence and Michael Bay redefined the buddy-cop action genre in the mid-90s, inlcuding how blockbuster franchises build hype for the future. Marvel Studios made the gimmick of revelatory post-credits scenes into a staple of its universe, and franchises from DC to the Fast & Furious have followed suit. So, does Bad Boys For Life embrace the times we live in?

If you're wondering whether or not Bad Boys For Life has a post-credits scene, the answer is: sort of.

(NO SPOILERS) - Bad Boys For Life indeed embraces the more modern trend of using a "button scene" to establish the next installment of the franchise - but thankfully, you don't have to sit through all of the credits to enjoy it.

Bad Boys For Life ends its main storyline and seems to fading to black for good, but just when it seems like the show is over, we get one more scene that sets the stage for a Bad Boys 4, should there be one. We can't describe it to you here, as the Bad Boys 3 button scene plays upon one of the more controversial twists in the story (see our Bad Boys For Life Spoilers explained post). However, we can tell you that what the button scene sets up would be a major remix of the entire "Bad Boys" formula. And, given early fan reactions to Bad Boys For Life, it's a change that quite a lot of fans will be excited to see go down.

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Synopsis: Bad Boys for Life follows a new status quo for Mike Lowery (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence). An aging Burnett has become a police inspector while Lowery, suffering a midlife crisis, is assigned to head up AMMO, a "young guns" group of millennial cops with whom he has nothing in common. Both of them reunite once again when a fierce cartel mob boss, whose brother they defeated years earlier, makes a retaliation effort on Mike just as both he and Marcus are about to officially retire.

Bad Boys for Life stars Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Vanessa Hudgens, Alexander Ludwig, Charles Melton, Paola Nunez, Katie del Castillo, Nicky Jam, DJ Khaled, and Joe Pantoliano. Directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah.


Bad Boys For Life is now in theaters.