First Look at Disney's Live-Action 'Dumbo' Revealed at CinemaCon

With nearly one year until the film is supposed to hit theaters, footage from Disney's live-action Dumbo movie has been revealed for the very first time. Disney shared an inside look at Dumbo during Tuesday's live presentation at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, NV.

The footage that was shown was mostly behind-the-scenes type of stuff, with the actors talking about the making of the movie. However, the collection did feature a glimpse at the young Dumbo, revealing what he will look like in a live action format.

None of this footage has been released onine, but someone in attendance was able to grab a picture of Dumbo on the screen. You can check it out below, along with a shot of the film's official logo.

When the Dumbo presentation began, Disney EVP Cathleen Tiff introduced the coming footage, explaining that the movie would be a different, more expanded version of the tale we've grown accustomed to.

"We've expanded the story, taking that as a jumping off point for Dumbo's newest story," Taff said before unveiling a peak at the film.

Again, the footage hasn't been released online, but a member of's staff was in attendance for the presentation, and they were able to describe what was shown to the audience.

Here's what the folks in attendance saw from Dumbo:

Danny DeVito rallies people at a circus, getting them excited about Dumbo, "the amazing flying elephant." Colin Farrell explains this is a whole new story. "The original ends with the elephant flying," DeVito said. "This one begins with that and goes even further." DeVito's character scolds employees for not doing their job and degraded the elephant. His character is struggling as the traveling circus business is dying. Farrell explains Dumbo brings his character closer to his kids.


The live action Dumbo is directed by Tim Burton, on a script from Ehren Kruger. The film stars Eva Green, Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, Alan Arkin, and Danny Devito.

Dumbo is scheduled to hit theaters on March 29, 2019.