Fast & Furious 9 Wraps Production

Believe it or not, the franchise that began as a low-budget thriller about street racing and [...]

Believe it or not, the franchise that began as a low-budget thriller about street racing and undercover cops has become one of the biggest and most popular franchises around the globe, with its ninth installment on the way next year. The Fast & Furious series has become a box office staple in just about every country on the map,and fans are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the next movie in the franchise, Fast & Furious 9. Fortunately, as of Monday morning, we are one major step closer to the arrival of the new film.

Late Sunday night (technically early Monday morning), director Justin Lin took to Twitter to say that production on Fast & Furious 9 had officially wrapped. The entire shoot took quite a long time, with several different locations in several different countries being utilized.

"It's an official F9 Wrap," Lin wrote on Twitter. "This is by far the most ambitious film of the series and I am forever grateful to our amazing crew from London, Edinburgh, Tbilisi (Georgia), Phuket & Krabi (Thailand), and Los Angeles."

While Furious 9 was filming, Lin was spotted on set wearing a shirt with the message "#JusticeForHan" printed across the chest, showing support for the fans that haven't been happy about the way Han's death was treated over the last few years. Could Furious 9 finally deliver the justice for Han that people have been asking about?

There's been no official word as to whether or not Furious 9 will address Han in any capacity, but franchise producer and writer Chris Morgan has us thinking the subject of Han will be popping up in some capacity very soon. Speaking with ahead of the Hobbs & Shaw Blu-ray release, Morgan said that fans asking for Justice for Han should just keep holding on for a little while longer.

"Well the only thing I'll say about that is," Morgan told us. "Listen, I came in on Tokyo Drift. I'm a huge fan of that character, and Sung Kang. And you're right, we've been... Over the course of the films, there's a big arc, and a debt that's owed. And I would just say for an audience, everybody involved in the films, loves all of our characters. We're aware of all the character arcs, and what needs to get paid and where we're going. And I would just say to an audience, just wait. Just hold on. Not a real comment beyond that, other than, we love the characters just like you do."

An official title for Fast & Furious 9 has yet to be revealed, but the film will arrive in theaters on May 22, 2020.