Fast X Director Weighs in on Vin Diesel's Claims About Two More Movies in Franchise

Louis Leterrier isn't quite as confident that two more movies are on the way.

Star Vin Diesel shocked fans earlier this year when, shortly before the world premiere of Fast X, he teased that the film was merely the first chapter in a trilogy that would serve as a sendoff to the franchise. Prior to that, it had been announced that Fast X would be the penultimate chapter and only one more sequel was in the works, and now director Louis Leterrier has addressed the series' future, noting that Diesel might have been sharing his hopes for the franchise as opposed to actual plans. Due to the writers' and actors' strikes, development on the next chapter is currently on hold, so it's possible that once more work is done on that film, the minds behind the franchise will have a better idea of how to wrap up the decades-long narrative.

"The one thing about Vin is like when he's on a press line, he will say anything to get out of that press line," Leterrier joked to GamesRadar+. "And I'm kind of like him and go, 'Yeah, sure, we will go to the moon in the next one. Bye.' And then you never forget!"

He continued, "Obviously the next one is coming, and then yeah, one movie at a time. I think the one thing that Hollywood keeps reminding us is that it's one step at a time, put one foot forward at a time. Let's count our blessings. We're very lucky this movie was well-received and well-loved, people went to see it in a movie theater and now they're going to see it at home. It's one at a time. I mean maybe what he was saying is that there's 25 years of filmmaking and storytelling, three acts, two hours and two movies, between the last one and this one, might not be enough to tell the story that is needed, and that's what we're figuring out these days."

A lot has changed in the Hollywood industry since Diesel's initial remarks, so it's anyone's guess what the future of the franchise might look like. Leterrier did confirm, though, that any sort of development on the next film is on hold due to the strikes.

"That's on pause, unfortunately," Leterrier shared with about the status of the next film. "We have ideas that were discussed on set, you know, as we were shooting the first ... There's stuff that we were, the seeds we were planting in order to harvest them in the next one. But yeah, we have to wait. We have to wait and hopefully, you know, it'll be ready to come to the table and it'll be sorted out soon."  

Stay tuned for details on the future of The Fast and the Furious franchise.

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