Final Whitest Kids U' Know Project in Production, Trevor Moore Completed Work Before Death

Cult comedy group Whitest Kids U' Know is perhaps best known for their IFC sketch series which spawned iconic sketches like The Classroom Skit and the John Wilkes Booth sketch. Their work hasn't been limited just to television though, previously creating the feature film The Civil War on Drugs, and with troupe members Trevor Moore and Zach Cregger collaborating on the 2009 comedy Miss March as well. The group reunited in a unique way in 2020 with a collaborative Twitch channel, but tragically, Moore passed away in August of 2021. Prior to his death though, the final Whitest Kids U' Know project had started work and according to Cregger is on its way to being completed.

Set to be an animated movie titled Mars, Cregger revealed to Variety that the film is being produced independently and that Moore was able to record all of his dialogue prior to his passing. "Before Trevor died, we recorded all of his dialogue, and we've crowdfunded the budget for this movie. It's like $300,000, a little more. And we're currently making it, I think we're going to wrap it up in about a month or so and I think it's great....It's about a couple of billionaires' race to put a city on Mars. That's the kind of line that we like to hit, where it's like, alright, we're not talking about Elon Musk, we're not talking about..any of these guys, but we're going to talk about this. What's happening in society right now is like all these rich guys are about to start colonizing the moon because we think that's still going to be an issue 20 years from now."

Cregger also offered an update to fans of the group that after Mars is completed it will likely be the last thing done by the Whitest Kids U' Know, at least under that specific name. "Without Trevor, there's no Whitest Kids," the filmmaker added. "So this will be our final thing and I'm really proud of it and I'm really happy to put it out there."

Though not done in conjunction with his other collaborators, Cregger recently found success with the horror film Barbarian, which he wrote and directed. Now playing in theaters, the movie opened to #1 at the domestic box office and holds a 92% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.