First Jumanji: The Next Level Clip Released

The first clip from Jumanji: The Next Level has been released by Sony. In the clip (seen in the video above) the group of avatars in the Jumanji game are about to be ravaged by a stampeding herd of ostriches. Danny Glover's Milo character now embodies Kevin Hart's zoologist avatar, changing the dialogue for Hart drastically from the first movie. As seen in the clip, Franklin "Mouse" Finbar's knowledge is being given to Milo, which prompts him to slowly inform the group that ostriches move in herds and they should probably hurry up and flee the area. Danny DeVito's Eddie character is embodying Dwayne Johnson's Bravestone, prompting the funny accent from the muscular actor.

"I think [this sequel] became a possibility first one really worked, producer Hiram Garcia told "I mean, I think what Jake [Kasdan]'s saying is right and it's sort of our approach now going forward. It's a good place to be living in when you're making movies that people are saying make a sequel too. But the challenge for us was actually kind of daunting. Like people really love that movie. So now what do you do? Like, because this group never wants to do and just crank out the sort of, you know, knee jerk sequel. So the bar is conceptually high. How do we go even higher than that? And that was the conversation, like how do we play in this sandbox that we created? And also turn it totally on it's a year and give people something they don't see coming."

The Jumanji sequel brings back Johnson and Hart along with Karen Gillan, Jack Black, Nick Jonas, and the original cast members who play the real world versions. Jake Kasdan returns to direct the sequel which might become a bi-annual event for him following the success of the first film.

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Jumanji: The Next Level hits theaters on December 13.