Frozen 2 Trailer Introduces New Characters

As promised, Disney Animation Studios released the newest trailer for Frozen 2 on Monday morning, [...]

As promised, Disney Animation Studios released the newest trailer for Frozen 2 on Monday morning, and it finally gave fans a few hints as to what the film is actually going to be about. Some kind of new magic is putting Arendelle in danger, causing Elsa and Anna to journey into the Enchanted Forest to find the source. While on their journey, the sisters cross paths with the people who have been living in the forest, closed off from the rest of the kingdom for quite a long time. The trailer offers us the first glimpse at these new characters joining the Frozen franchise.

The most notable new addition in the Frozen 2 trailer is the character voiced by This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown. Disney has yet to offer any specific details regarding his character and even his name remains a mystery. It's clear that he was associated with Arendelle in some capacity, but there's no telling just how deep his connections to Anna and Elsa's past actually go.

Along with the trailer, Disney unveiled a few descriptions of the new characters in Frozen 2. Brown's addition was not one of them, neither was the character voiced by Evan Rachel Wood, who has yet to be revealed. But the descriptions did offer a little more insight into some of the folks living in the Enchanted Forest, Anna and Elsa's father, and the adorable salamander sidekick joining the group. It was also revealed that Alfred Molina, Martha Plimpton, Rachel Matthews, and Jason Ritter have joined the film's cast.

  • KING AGNARR – The son of King Runeard, King Agnarr is married to Queen Iduna, and is Anna and Elsa's father. King Agnarr loves his family, and would do anything to ensure his daughters' wellbeing and safety. Alfred Molina lends his voice to King Agnarr.
  • YELANA - The unspoken leader of the nomadic Northuldra. She is fiercely protective of her family and community but is known to soften when people show an understanding of nature and their environment. Martha Plimpton was called on to bring Yelana to life.
  • HONEYMAREN - A member of the Northuldra, Honeymaren is a true free spirit and wants nothing more than to bring peace to the enchanted forest. She is bold and brave, with a reverence for the magic of nature. Rachel Matthews provides the voice of Honeymaren.
  • RYDER - Eager and fun, Honeymaren's brother Ryder embraces life with optimism. Ryder's love of reindeer might just rival Kristoff's - but unlike Kristoff, Ryder has never roamed the great plains outside of the Enchanted Forest. He longs to embrace the world and venture beyond the magical mist. Jason Ritter lends his voice to Ryder.
  • BRUNI - Curious and cute, this salamander inhabits the Enchanted Forest. Though shy at first, Bruni can't help but be drawn to Elsa's icy magic and enjoys the cool snowflake treats she creates.

Which of the new characters are you most looking forward to seeing in Frozen 2? What did you think of the new trailer? Let us know in the comments!

Frozen 2 hits theaters on November 22nd.