'Frozen 2' Releases First Poster

If you are ready for another magical wintery ride, the team at Disney is ready to take you on an [...]

If you are ready for another magical wintery ride, the team at Disney is ready to take you on an escape. Frozen 2 has revealed its first trailer at long last, and the release was met with the debut of the sequel's first poster to boot.

As you can see below, the poster for Frozen 2 is a simple one. Fans can see the piece is covered by a black background, and it has a large ornate snowflake on the front. The poster features the official logo for Frozen 2, and it reaffirms the film's release is in November.

So far, there is little information out about Frozen 2, but fans have learned a bit information about the film. Last year, a Russian calendar featuring the Disney sequel surfaced online, and translators were able to glean some details about the film's plot.

frozen 2 poster
(Photo: Disney)

As it turns out, the movie will see Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf go on a massive adventure. With Elsa ruling over her kingdom, the queen discovers there is more to her home than she believed, and the group goes on a journey to a mysterious forest said to contain the kingdom's hidden secrets.

The first trailer for Frozen 2 backs up this reported story leak. The clip, which can be found above, shows off Elsa as she puts her powers to the test. The heroine tries to tame the ocean itself as she sees how far her icy powers can take her as she walks over waves. As the trailer continues, fans are met with Anna and Kristoff as they travel through a forest, and the reel ends with a shot of the crew all together. The gang is seen walking the woods, but Anna spots something behind the group that leads her to draw a sword and take a slash at the offending stalker.

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Frozen 2 hits theaters on November 22, 2019.