Disney's 'Frozen: The Broadway Musical' Trailer Released

There's more than just a winter storm bringing the icy chills to New York City this week. Disney Theatrical's live adaptation of Frozen opened on Broadway for the first time earlier this week, and the company has released a trailer for the production for all to see.

You can check out the trailer for Frozen: The Broadway Musical above!

The musical stars Caissie Levy and Patti Murin as Elsa and Anna, the two sisters who overcame adversity to find love in this adaptation Disney's 2013 animated hit. The original film was lead by Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell.

While the musical follows the same story as the movie, there is plenty of new content for fans to talk about, including almost double the amount of songs. Instead of the nine songs featured in the movie, the stage version consists of 22 different songs, more than double the original amount. For those thinking that the new music might not be up to par with the songs from the film, there's no need to worry. Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, the award-winning duo behind "Let It Go" and Frozen's other hit tracks, wrote the music for the stage production.

The songs aren't the only difference from the film, according to the production's two leads.

"It's an entirely different property than the film," Murin told Peter Travers on ABC's Popcorn With Peter Travers. "There's three times as much music. There are so many new songs. And so you treat it like it's something completely new."

Levy also chimed in, adding, "I think we're both trying not to let expectations other people may have kind of get in the way of enjoying the moment. And enjoying getting this insane, crazy opportunity to be originating these roles on Broadway."

As the interview with Travers continued, Levy talked about how Frozen is about so much more than fun adventures and exciting musical numbers. At its core, this story is about the bonds of family.


"Elsa loves, loves, loves her sister," Levy said. "It's sort of the classic oldest child, first one, wants to do well by her parents, knows that one day far in the future, she will be queen. But [she] doesn't want to think about that. And has also known, sort of intuitively, deep down, that this strange power she has that she can't control is something that's bad because it's hurt her sister ata a very young age. And so she's taught to conceal it and deny it. And it's a basic part of who she is."

In addition to Levy and Murin, Frozen stars John Riddle, Jelani Alladin, Greg Hildreth, Robert Creighton, Timothy Hughes, Olivia Phillip, James Brown III, and Ann Sanders. The show is currently playing at The St. James Theatre in New York City, NY.