Giancarlo Esposito Reveals He's Talked to James Gunn About Possibility of Being in a DC Movie

The Mandalorian and Breaking Bad actor could be the next addition to James Gunn's DC Universe.

Is Giancarlo Esposito going from the Star Wars galaxy to the DC UniverseThe Mandalorian actor reveals he's had talks with DC Studios co-chairman and CEO James Gunn about a role in the new DCU, which will officially launch with Gunn's Superman: Legacy in July 2025. Before the ongoing SAG-AFTRA actors' strike, Gunn cast David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan as Clark Kent and Lois Lane, and added Nathan Fillion as the Guy Gardner Green Lantern, Isabela Merced as Hawkgirl, Edi Gathegi as Mister Terrific, and Anthony Carrigan as Metamorpho. And with rumors that Gunn is casting Lex Luthor and Superman villain Brainiac, could Esposito be next to join Legacy?

"I had been talking to James Gunn about the possibility about being in a movie, so who knows? It could happen soon," the Breaking Bad actor told fans during an appearance at Comic Con Panama. According to an attendee who shared the video of Esposito's response, the actor answered in the affirmative when asked if he might appear in a DC movie.

Esposito is no stranger to DC. He voiced DC villains Ra's al Ghul and Black Spider in the 2014 animated movies Son of Batman and Batman: Assault on Arkham, and voices Lex Luthor on the adult animated series Harley Quinn.

In January, Gunn and his DC Studios co-chief Peter Safran announced the first 10 projects of their new DC Universe. The first phase of the DCU Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters includes the live-action films Superman: Legacy, The Authority, Batman reboot The Brave and the Bold, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, and Swamp Thing, and the Max Original series Creature Commandos, Waller, Booster Gold, Lanterns, and Wonder Woman prequel Paradise Lost.

"The one thing that we can promise is that everything from our first project forward will be canon and will be connected," Gunn said during the DCU slate reveal. "We're using some actors from the past, we're not using other actors from the past, but everything from that moment forward will be connected and consistent."

Superman: Legacy is scheduled to open in theaters July 11th, 2025.