Corey Feldman Assures The Goonies 2 Isn't Happening

A ton of classic films you grew up watching are getting the reboot/sequel treatment as of late, proving that nothing successful will ever really be left alone. That said, there are a couple of beloved properties that have so far managed to avoid being remade altogether. Princess Bride, Back to the Future, and The Goonies have all remained untouched, and it looks like the latter will stay that way for the foreseeable future.

There are always rumblings about The Goonies potentially getting back together for another movie, but it appears that they are nothing more than rumors and pipe dreams. This week, TMZ caught up with original Goonies star Corey Feldman and asked if the sequel was actually on the way at some point. It didn't take long for Feldman to totally shut the idea down.

"What Goonies reunion? There's no damn Goonies reunion," Feldman said with a smile. "No man, that's a rumor. We did a few comic cons, just appearances together. But that's it, there's no campaign, there's no Goonies 2 happening."

There was hope for a Goonies sequel in the past, as director Richard Donner had teased that he'd like something to happen. During an appearance at Fan Expo Boston earlier this year, Feldman and co-star Sean Astin explained that Donner talked so much about a sequel that they pitched him an idea.

"Every year, the rumor circulates, 'Goonies 2 is definitely gonna happen now,' and we'll be like, 'No, it's not,'" said Feldman. "But Richard Donner at one point started fueling it himself and went to the press. He used to call us and tell us we were going back to work, and we'd get all excited, and then it wouldn't happen [laughs]."

The pitch apparently went well, until Donner decided that it was way more expensive than the idea he had in mind.

"'We got him, he's in, he loves it!' And then all of a sudden, halfway through, he just opens his eyes again and he goes, 'Too expensive,'" Feldman continued. "And we're like, what? And he's like, 'Too expensive, I want to go smaller.'"


"I remember him saying, 'Wow, you guys put a lot of effort into that.' We were like, yeah, we did," added Astin. "He goes, 'Yeah, we're not doing that.'"

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