Gotham: Five New Trailers For Spirit Of The Goat

Gotham must really hope that viewers are excited for next week's episode, "Spirit of the Goat," because they sure are.

FOX has released five new trailers for the Halloween-themed episode, which sees Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock flirt with the supernatural  when a killer claims that he's the reincarnation of an ancient, murdering goat spirit.

In the first trailer, "We Gotta Get In There," Harvey learns about "Gotham's Golden Rule."

The second trailer, "It's Our Guy," shows Gordon and Bullock piecing together their notes on the Goat suspect.

The third trailer, "A Shooting," brings Detectives Montoya and Allen closer to Jim Gordon's dark secret with The Penguin.

The fourth trailer, "I'm Not Going Anywhere," displays Bruce Wayne's fearlessness in the face of supernatural threats.

And the final trailer, "Who He Knows Will Kill You," develops Barbara Keens tumultuous relationship with Detective Montoya while tightening a noose around Jim Gordon's neck.


Wow, it's almost like watching the whole episode, isn't it?

"The Spirit of the Goat" airs Monday, October 27th, at 8:00 p.m.