Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Character Posters Spotted

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 has some character posters popping up in the wild now. On Twitter, Multiverse Geeks managed to snap some quick shots of the advertisements for Drax, Cosmo, and a tiny peek at Star-Lord. Fans should expect to see these Guardians of the Galaxy posters popping up more and more around various cities. It's no secret that Marvel Studios' most beloved ensemble is the Guardians. But, the marketing push behind James Gunn's swan song with the MCU is going to be a full-court press. It feels like the Guardians of the Galaxy are going to take their time savoring that final curtain call. Check out the images down below.'s Brandon Davis sat down with Chris Pratt and Charlie Day to talk about the Super Mario Bros. Movie and the Star-Lord actor was plenty emotional when asked how he's approaching this final act with the Marvel team. It's hard to believe there have been 10 years since they first came onto the scene. But, with all that time comes a lot of great memories for both the cast and creative team, along with the fans.

How Is Chris Pratt Approaching The End of Guardians of the Galaxy?

"It was really emotional," Pratt told "It was really emotional for so many reasons that it would take too long in this interview to even get into. But it just was emotional. It was a lot of gratitude around the fact that James Gunn actually directed it and was able to do that. Just grateful that he even gave me the job to begin with. It felt gratifying, knowing that critics had said that it would likely be the first Marvel movie to bomb. And what was that gonna be like, to be the first Marvel movie to not be successful? To take these characters that no one knew, and now have them be household names, and to be part of that, and to have rides around the world."

"It's been an incredible ten years," Pratt continued. "So to wrap it up in this way, it's, it's a little bit like your last day of school when you're a senior. You're so excited that it's over, but at the same time, you don't know if you're going to see any of your friends ever again. Some of them are going off to college, and some of them are leaving, and some are going in the Army. It's like entering a new phase, and a new chapter of your life. It's the turning of a page. So it's exciting, but it's emotional."

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