Guardians of the Galaxy Writer: All Marvel is Sci-Fi

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During a new interview in today's Total Film magazine, star Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis said that while Guardians of the Galaxy might not seem like the immediately obvious choice for Marvel's next big movie, it will all make sense once you've seen the movie. "The movie may not seem like an obvious choice on the surface, but once you see what the plan is, you'l say 'oh yeah, I totally see that,'" Bendis said. "I mean, people said the same thing with Iron Man. If you remember, you guys were worried...and then that all went away when the movie came out." He added that while Disney has recently been stung by the science fiction failure of John Carter at the box office, the Marvel films are perhaps more in that genre to the outside observer than comic book people and industry insiders give them credit for. "My argument is that almost every Marvel comic is a sci-fi comic," he said. "It all feels to me on some level like science fiction, but my favourite kind of science fiction is the character stuff. And Guardians of the Galaxy allows that - the characters are fascinating, the're broken, they're struggling, they're trying desperately to do right even though the odds are against them."