Guardians of the Galaxy's Dave Bautista Cried When He Found Out He Would Play Drax

During a stop in Singapore with the Guardians of the Galaxy press tour, former WWE star and current Marvel Studios standout Dave Bautista admitted that he cried when he was informed that he had landed the role of Drax the Destroyer in the upcoming, James Gunn-directed film.

"I was on the way to the gym and my manager called me," Bautista recalled. "And he said, hold on for a second, and he wouldn't tell me until he got my agent on the phone, and he said, 'Congratulations, Mr. Drax.' And I literally just broke down. I drove home, I was just a mess....It was a big deal to me and I can never explain to people how big this was for me. It was a life-changing thing for me. It was hard for me to leave behind wrestling but I worked and struggled and worked and struggled and auditioned and auditioned and finally got the dream role of a lifetime."

You can see the full video below.


Guardians of the Galaxy will be in U.S. theaters on August 1. A significant presence at Comic Con International: San Diego is likely, but director James Gunn has rejected the notion that the film may be screened at or around that event.