Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Aiming for 2022 Reopening

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is hoping to conjure up a 2022 reopening according to a recent [...]

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is hoping to conjure up a 2022 reopening according to a recent report. The New York Times has the details about the entire effort to get the play back up and running. As with most high-profile shows, the coronavirus pandemic has caused a pause in touring and local showings alike in America. But, with things looking like they're on the upswing, people are getting hopeful about next year's prospects. Over in Australia, the Princess Theatre is already reopened. But, in the UK, the Cursed Child won't get to draw the curtain up until at least October of this year. So, there's a ton of different responses to the idea of bringing the play back. In America, the Harry Potter show has been a unqualified smash-hit. They've gobbled up awards and ticket sales are through the roof. (As you would expect with this franchise.)

The Cursed Child's press release said when the show was announced, "To mark the global milestone, the show hosted the largest-ever Times Square takeover, with award-winning actress and Harry Potter fan, Sarah Jessica Parker, as well as Wizarding World fans and influencers. Fans witnessed a jaw-dropping "takeover" of nearly all the Times Square screens, which revealed the never-before-seen Harry Potter and the Cursed Child campaign, in celebration of its global expansion."

Before everything ground to a halt, the show had seen runs in London, New York City, and Melbourne, Australia, San Francisco, Toronto, Ontario, and Hamburg, Germany.

"We are very proud that J.K. Rowling chose to tell her eighth story on stage. Just as she created a generation of lifelong readers with the Harry Potter book series, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is now doing the same for theatre, with over half of our audiences worldwide being first-time theatre-goers of all ages," producers of Cursed Child, Sonia Friedman and Colin Callender said in a statement.

"Three years in and over two million tickets sold thus far, it is so exciting to watch audiences all over the world be transported 'Back to Hogwarts' to revisit their beloved characters. There is nothing like the experience of being in a theatre with a community of others, seeing and experiencing in real-time as the magic unfolds live before your eyes. The Boy Who Lived, lives on, and the story continues on stage across the world because, as J.K. Rowling herself said: 'Sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places.'"

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