A Cheaper Version of HBO Max Is Launching This Summer

If you've been hesitant on the HBO Max streaming service because of its higher price point, [...]

If you've been hesitant on the HBO Max streaming service because of its higher price point, there's about to be an alternate option that will make the decision a little bit easier. Since its launch last year, HBO Max has stuck to its $14.99 per month price, making it one of the most expensive streaming services out there. Now, that includes everything that was covered under the original HBO, plus all of the Max library AND the 2021 Warner Bros. film slate, so you get your money's worth. Still, it's more than you might want to pay given all of the streaming services on the market.

This summer, a cheaper plan will be made available. WarnerMedia and AT&T have been tossing around the idea of an ad-supported version of HBO Max that will come at a lower cost to customers. During a presentation from AT&T on Friday morning, it was revealed that the ad-supported HBO Max would be available by June of this year.

There was no mention of how much the new version of HBO Max will cost, but it will definitely be more competitive with its rivals than the current price point. Somewhere in the $10 range sounds about right, though it may even be cheaper than that.

During the same presentation, AT&T laid out some growth plans for HBO Max and the rest of the company going forward.

"We're being deliberate and strategic with how we allocate capital to invest in our market focus areas of 5G, fiber and HBO Max, while being committed to sustaining the dividend at current levels and utilizing cash after dividends to reduce debt," CEO John Stankey said in a press release.

"Our number one priority in 2021 is growing our customer relationships. It's about more than just adding to our customer base. It's about expanding the growth opportunity in our three market focus areas and also increasing our share within each market. We're focused on creating deeper relationships with our current customers to increase their daily engagement with our products and services, enabling us to gather more meaningful insights, drive loyalty, and stay ahead of their rapidly changing preferences. As demand for connectivity and content continues to grow, we are well positioned to deliver."

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