How Loki Has a Key Impact on Avengers: Secret Wars (Exclusive)

On of Loki Season 2's executive producers breaks down whether or not the character will have a direct impact on Avengers: Secret Wars.


Loki Season 2 has been burdened with the glorious purpose of pulling the fragmented story arcs of the Marvel Multiverse Saga together into a storyline that sets up the epic multiversal war to come in Avengers: Secret Wars. Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have known for years that the road is headed in that direction – it's the twists and turns along the way that will offer the big surprises. 

At the press day for Loki Season 2, got the chance to speak with Loki co-executive producer Kevin Wright. During the interview, the question had to be asked: "Does Marvel see Loki as the throughline for the Multiverse Saga?"

"He's become that and I remember [Michael] Waldron and I would talk a lot about in season one or just kind of acknowledge in season one, so much of the first two, three phases of Marvel storytelling do track back through Loki and the choices he made, Even Thanos coming to Earth is a ramification of Loki not doing his job in Avengers," Kevin Wright explained. "So all of that plays out and as we were developing this, we were kind of like, 'Oh, in a broad sense, it would be really cool if the coming phases also ran through Loki and his choices, but in a different, unexpected way.' It always, I mean those are kind of like broad discussions, but we always are focusing in on just what we're doing and try not to get too bogged down by the bigger picture. If we tell our story really well, the rest of the MCU will embrace it."


When we jokingly stated that such a response counts as evidence that Loki will have a major hand in causing the events of Avengers: Secret Wars, Wright also reminded us that "Sylvie has a lot of responsibility in that, by the way, with what she's done with the Multiverse."

The story of Loki Season 2 sees Loki trying to deal with being displaced in time after his variant Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) killed He Who Remains, broke the Sacred Timeline open and allowed Kang and his variants to terrorize the multiverse again. The Time Variance Authority still has no idea what Loki and Sylvie have done to the Multiverse – which is to say, threaten its very existence. Given the history of Marvel's Secret Wars events, Loki Season 2 could end up having Loki and Sylvie realizing they've only started a multiversal event that will inevitably lead to total annihilation

Loki Season 2 will release new episodes Tuesday nights on Disney+.