Hulu Just Added a Ton of Christmas and Holiday Movies

Hulu has announced a huge new slate of holiday-themed movies that have come to the platform. Most of them are the kind of low-to-mid-budget romcoms and family films you would find on Hallmark and other similar outlets, and mostly pretty new movies. The oldest one on the list is 2007's The Secret of the Nutcracker, and there are a number of movies that are as recent as 2019, which brings you classics like Rock 'n' Roll Christmas. The whole streaming economy has been leaning hard into Christmas movies in recent years, since they're usually pretty inexpensive to make, and they're guaranteed to attract some attention from viewers.

The new slate of holiday movies joins the dozens of other Christmas movies already streaming on Hulu. The new additions came to the platform on Monday, November 15.

Everybody jumps on board with new holiday movies this time of year, so if you want to check out some more, head on over here, to where we have the Netflix version of this story.

You can see the full list here:

  • 12 Dog Days Till Christmas (2014)
  • A Christmas Kiss II (2014)
  • A Christmas Switch (2018)
  • A Christmas Tree Miracle (2013)
  • A Cinderella Christmas (2016)
  • A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale (2015)
  • A Puppy For Christmas (2016)
  • Angels In The Snow (2015)
  • Back To Christmas (2014)
  • Christmas Belle (2013)
  • The Christmas Calendar (2017)
  • Christmas In The Heartland (2018)
  • Christmas With the Andersons (2016)
  • Girlfriends of Christmas Past (2014)
  • Holly's Holiday (2012)
  • The March Sisters at Christmas (2012)
  • Married by Christmas (2016)
  • My Dad is Scrooge (2014)
  • My Santa (2013)
  • Naughty & Nice (2014)
  • Rock N' Roll Christmas (2019)
  • Second Chance Christmas (2017)
  • The Secret of the Nutcracker (2007)
  • The Truth About Christmas (2018)
  • Winter Wedding (2017)