Interview With The Vampire Remake Is Still In The Works


After years in development hell, it appears a remake of Interview With The Vampire is still in the works.

Filmmaker Josh Boone, best known for The Fault in Our Stars, posted an image of a screenplay cover, dated April 2016. It says that it's based on Anne Rice's Interview With the Vampire and The Vampire Lestat.

While the Brad Pitt/Tom Cruise original was a big commercial hit, Rice's fans have never been totally satisfied with the liberties it took with the source material. A later Rice adaptation, Queen of the Damned, was even more reviled (and less commercially successful).

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The Vampire Chronicles made Rice an international celebrity and arguably set the stage for later vampire-centered series like True Blood and Twilight which focused less on the monstrous aspects of the immortal bloodsuckers.


Boone is also attached to the Fox/Marvel adaptation of New Mutants.