Jackass 4.5 Now Streaming on Netflix

After over ten years, the beloved cast of Jackass returned earlier this year for Jackass Forever. In classic Jackass fashion, new footage is now available in a longer version of the film titled Jackass 4.5. While Jackass Forever is available to stream on Amazon Prime and Paramount+, Jackass 4.5 can be found on Netflix

"its like, i dont think i should have to tell you to go watch jackass, but i am just in case. s0o0o0o GO," Netflix wrote on Instagram. You can check out a clip below:

In a recent interview with ComicBook.com, some of the cast teased what fans can expect from these extra stunts. "There's a scene in the movie, 4.5, it did the most long-term damage to my physical being, and it wasn't even a movie, so that's in 4.5. Dave and I both think it's as good as the movie," Ehren McGhehey shared. 

"I pretty much almost got my d-ck ripped off ... It could happen to anyone," Dave Englund added. "It's hard to explain. But there was four people that could have been doing, it happened to me and it was worse for me for a weird reason. You'll see it was the closest I think I really could have come to ripping my d-ck off. It almost got ripped off. It didn't make the movie because there was too many d-cks in the movie. And that was like the first thing we filmed [that day], at 9 AM. I was like, 'How is that not in there?' And they're like, 'Well there's too many.'" 

One famous staple in Jackass has always been Party Boy, the character played by Chris Pontius who likes to go to stereo stores and shock unsuspecting employees by stripping off his clothes and dancing to the music. While Jackass Forever doesn't feature any big Party Boy moments, you do get a glimpse of Pontius in his famous thong during the end credits. Back when Jackass Forever was released, ComicBook.com asked Pontius why the moment was cut, and he confirmed it'll be featured in 4.5

"All right. I'll answer that. Well, because of the current time, the pandemic situation, it made doing stuff with the public super, super hard, and that's what Party Boy completely depends on, but we did figure out a way to do it, but it's in 4.5," Pontius teased. 

Jackass 4.5 is now streaming on Netflix.